The Broken Hill Cobalt Project represents a strong, ethical investment opportunity, with Cobalt Blue looking at horizons beyond Broken Hill. We own the intellectual property for the Broken Hill Cobalt Project process, which is scalable and saleable, so we're already looking at a roll-out Australia-wide and beyond.


What's more, Cobalt Blue is fortunate to be a Future Battery Industries Research Program member. This is a cooperative venture between several leading Australian mining and processing companies and global battery manufacturers. The collective aim is to create a battery precursor – a building block of the battery here in Australia. This takes our involvement in battery production beyond the mining and provision of raw material – it will make Cobalt Blue and its partners an integral player in the battery manufacturing chain.

Cobalt Blue's current partners are among the top tier of the world's battery manufacturers. Having these commercial relationships in place at this stage in the Project demonstrates the Project's potential. In conjunction with our technical progress, these relationships place COB in a solid position to negotiate partnership assistance.

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COB - Notification regarding unquoted securities

Cobalt Blue Holdings Limited - March 2023 Quarterly Report

The Cobalt Blue Quarterly Report for March 2023 has been published

COB - CEO's Letter to Shareholders

Cobalt Blue Holdings Ltd (ASX:COB) is pleased to announce the release of the CEO’s Letter to Shareholders. The letter provides an overview of COB’s strategy amid the global critical minerals backdrop. COB recently issued guidance on the progress of our Broken Hill Cobalt Project (BHCP), proposed Cobalt Refinery and Cobalt in Waste Streams projects. This letter details how all the pieces fit together.

COB - Webinar Presentation - Wednesday 29 March 2023

COB – Definitive Feasibility Study Update

The Broken Hill Cobalt Project (BHCP) Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) remains on track for completion by end-3Q

COB - Half Year Report 2023


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COB 2022 Annual Report

Quarterly Reports

COB - March 2023 Quarterly Report


COB NorthWest MPX Conference Presentation - May 2023

COB - Company Presentation Austrade Japan April 2023

COB - Investor Webinar Presentation - Cobalt Blue Holdings Ltd and Rho Motion

Investment Research

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Blue Ocean Equities: ASX: COB Update: Ethical Cobalt - Demonstration Plant May 2022


COB NSW Government Critical Minerals & High-Tech Metals Strategy

The Deputy Premier and Resources Minister launched the NSW Critical Minerals and High-Tech Metals Strategy on Monday 29th November 2021.

COB executes Memorandum of Understanding (‘MOU’) with State of Queensland

COB has executed a MOU with the State of Queensland, acting through the Department of Resources, to assess opportunities for the recovery of cobalt (and any coexisting base and precious metals) from mine waste.

Cobalt Blue: Joint research project investigates cobalt extraction from mine tailings in Queensland

Electric Vehicles could one day be powered from the waste of North West Queensland copper mines as part of a new joint research project involving the Queensland government, University of Queensland and Cobalt Blue Holdings Ltd.