The Broken Hill Cobalt Project represents a strong, ethical investment opportunity, with Cobalt Blue looking at horizons beyond Broken Hill. We own the intellectual property for the Broken Hill Cobalt Project process, which is scalable and saleable, so we're already looking at a roll-out Australia-wide and beyond.


What's more, Cobalt Blue is fortunate to be a Future Battery Industries Research Program member. This is a cooperative venture between several leading Australian mining and processing companies and global battery manufacturers. The collective aim is to create a battery precursor – a building block of the battery here in Australia. This takes our involvement in battery production beyond the mining and provision of raw material – it is expected to make Cobalt Blue and its partners an integral player in the battery manufacturing chain.

Cobalt Blue's current partners are among the top tier of the world's battery manufacturers. Having these commercial relationships in place at this stage in the Project demonstrates the Project's potential. In conjunction with our technical progress, these relationships place COB in a solid position to negotiate partnership assistance.

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Blue Ocean Equities- COB: Strategic Pivot to Kwinana Refinery Makes Sense

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Blue Ocean Equities- COB: Strategic Pivot to Kwinana Refinery Makes Sense

Government Relations

Roy Butler MP Visits Pyrite Hill, October 2022

Roy Butler is the Member for Barwon, a vast north-west rural electorate of 356,292 square kilometres and the state's largest, covering 44.5% of New South Wales. In October 2022, he returned for a visit to the Broken Hill Cobalt Project Demonstration Plant, this time touring Pyrite Hill with our Demonstration Plant Manager, Adam Randall.

SITE VISIT: EnviroKey visit the Broken Hill Cobalt Project (BHCP) for ecological surveys

Ecologists from EnviroKey were on site at the BHCP in July 2022 to undertake detailed ecological surveys within the proposed area of disturbance. This was their second fieldwork campaign following initial site investigations undertaken in March and April this year.

SITE VISIT: Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Update – GHD Social Sustainability Team visit Broken

During July 2022, GHD representatives visited Broken Hill to progress aspects of the EIS for the Broken Hill Cobalt Project (BHCP)

Supercharging Australia’s local battery manufacturing capabilities

A new Cathode Precursor Production Pilot Plant will enhance Australia’s on-shore battery manufacturing.

Broken Hill Cobalt Project Awarded $15m Critical Minerals Accelerator Initiative (CMAI) Grant

The Australian Government has awarded Cobalt Blue Holdings Limited (ASX:COB) $15m through the CMAI for the Broken Hill Cobalt Project (BHCP).

NSW Deputy Premier Announces Mine Waste Re-Use Initiative at the Broken Hill Cobalt Project Demonstration Plant

Cobalt Blue participates in an Australian – USA Critical Minerals Delegation

Cobalt Blue: Joint research project investigates cobalt extraction from mine tailings in Queensland

Electric Vehicles could one day be powered from the waste of North West Queensland copper mines as part of a new joint research project involving the Queensland government, University of Queensland and Cobalt Blue Holdings Ltd.

COB executes Memorandum of Understanding (‘MOU’) with State of Queensland

COB has executed a MOU with the State of Queensland, acting through the Department of Resources, to assess opportunities for the recovery of cobalt (and any coexisting base and precious metals) from mine waste.

Media Release: Cobalt Blue Attends Landmark Meeting with Korean President to Discuss Ethical Supply of Cobalt

Cobalt Blue Holdings Limited (ASX:COB) participated in a critical minerals supply chain discussion with Korean President Moon Jae In and other senior Korean government officials, with a view to supplying ethical cobalt to Korea from its Broken Hill Cobalt Project.

COB NSW Government Critical Minerals & High-Tech Metals Strategy

The Deputy Premier and Resources Minister launched the NSW Critical Minerals and High-Tech Metals Strategy on Monday 29th November 2021.

Cobalt Blue participation in Cathode Precursor Production Pilot Plant

BHCP cobalt sulphate will be used in the upcoming A$18m FBI-CRC cathode precursor pilot plant in 2022.

COB Expands Broken Hill Tenure

Cobalt Blue Holdings Limited (ASX: COB) is pleased to announce the grant of Exploration Licence (‘EL’) 9254 has increased the Company’s Broken Hill footprint by some 35%.

Successful Groundwater Allocation