The Cobalt-Nickel Refinery Project aims to manufacture and export battery-grade cobalt that addresses an emerging, global critical minerals shortfall.

Cobalt Blue’s strategy is to develop the Cobalt-Nickel Refinery in Kwinana to process critical battery metals from 3rd party feedstock and Mixed Hydroxide Precipitate (MHP) from the Broken Hill Cobalt Project.

Cobalt Blue intends to expand the Cobalt-Nickel Refinery Project further to produce cobalt and potentially other metal intermediates from future Cobalt in Waste Streams Projects.

Cobalt-Nickel Refinery News

Media Release: Australia's First Cobalt-Nickel Refinery Races Forward

Cobalt Blue Looms Large on Global Battery Metals Stage.

Market Update: Cobalt-Nickel Refinery Progress

COB is developing the first Cobalt Sulphate Refinery (Refinery Project) in Australia.

Australia Answers the Call: Proposed Cobalt Blue Refinery to Meet US & EU Battery Metal Demand

Cobalt Blue is positioned to provide one of the first Australian-domiciled responses to the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and the EU Critical Raw Minerals Act (CRMA). The proposed Cobalt-Nickel Refinery is a key building block for supplying responsibly sourced battery raw materials, empowering Allied Nations in the Energy Transition.

WEBINAR recording: Investor Update - Tuesday 5 March 2024

COB Management provide an update on the evolving partnership with Iwatani, the Strategic Review of the Broken Hill Cobalt Project, progress in the Cobalt-Nickel Refinery Development Program and discuss the current and future state of the cobalt market.

Cobalt-Nickel Refinery Project Update

Cobalt Blue is pleased to announce an update of our proposed Cobalt-Nickel Refinery in Western Australia’s Kwinana Industrial Area.

Market Update: Iwatani Corporation to partner on Cobalt-Nickel Refinery

Cobalt Blue is delighted to name Iwatani Corporation as our potential partner (subject to binding agreement) in developing the Cobalt-Nickel Refinery Project – to be located in the Kwinana Industrial Area, 30km south of Perth in Western Australia.

Cobalt Blue’s Mine to Battery Markets Strategy featured at the International Mining and Resources Congress (IMARC), Sydney

Cobalt Blue participated in this year’s International Mining and Resources Congress (IMARC) in Sydney (October 2023), which saw 8,500+ attendees from 100+ countries collaborating on trends in mining, investment, and innovation towards a sustainable future.

WEBINAR Recording: Strategic Update, including the announcement to progress the Cobalt Nickel Refinery Project in 2024

In this webinar, Joe Kaderavek (CEO), Dr Andrew Tong (Executive Manager) and Joel Crane (Investor Relations/Commercial Manager) provide an update on: progress of the Definitive Feasibility Study for the Broken Hill Cobalt Project, details of the recently released Study on our proposed Cobalt Nickel Refinery in Western Australia, and positive results of testwork on samples from the Flin Flon (Canada) tailings facility.

Strategic Update: COB to Progress Cobalt-Nickel Refinery Project in 2024

The Refinery is a proposed large-scale, cobalt-nickel operation representing Australia’s first cobalt refinery that will produce high-quality, battery-grade cobalt sulphate that is intended for IRA-compliant markets. It will be among the first large Allied Nation investments in cobalt refining for decades. The Refinery is expected to establish COB as an early entrant into the emerging midstream segment of the Allied Battery Supply Chain.

Queensland University of Technology, Cobalt Blue and Advancement of Australian Battery Making

Cobalt Blue visited the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Advanced Battery Facility in Brisbane during October 2023. QUT and Cobalt Blue are supporting the development of Australia’s battery making capabilities.

Cobalt Blue visits Japan – furthering Kwinana Cobalt Refinery and Broken Hill Cobalt Project Cooperation (Aug. - Sept. 2023)

Closing on the delivery of feasibility studies for the Kwinana Cobalt Refinery and Broken Hill Cobalt Project, Cobalt Blue is finalising funding assistance and offtake partnerships. Discussions held included strategic commercial alignments aimed at supplying critical minerals to fast-growing US and EU Electric Vehicle (EV) markets.

Cobalt Blue: Mine to Battery Markets Strategy

The mine to battery market projects being developed by Cobalt Blue Holdings Limited include the Broken Hill Cobalt Project in New South Wales (mine) and the Kwinana Cobalt Refinery Project in Western Australia.

WEBINAR recording: Cobalt Blue WA Refinery Strategy and Definitive Feasibility Study Update

In this webinar, Joe Kaderavek (CEO), Dr Andrew Tong (Executive Manager) and Joel Crane (Investor Relations/Commercial Manager) provide an update on the WA Refinery Strategy, Definitive Feasibility Study, and answer questions submitted by shareholders.

Advantages to the Kwinana location

Access to import and export markets

Kwinana has deep water ports and export facilities. Cobalt sulphate is a fragile product that absorbs water (particularly in hot/humid regional conditions) if left exposed and requires specialised storage and shipping.

Direct port access provides a meaningful advantage compared to a more remote location - for importing third-party feedstock for refining and exporting product.

Cost advantage

Kwinana is a major chemicals district. Typically, up to 60-70% of the costs associated with conversion from Mixed Hydroxide Precipitate (MHP) to cobalt sulphate come from reagent and chemical costs. This location provides more ready access to chemicals with lower associated logistical costs.

Integrated business

Refining is fundamentally an economy of scale business. A single, larger refinery would allow Cobalt Blue to process future material sourced from:

  • Third party sources, domestic and international
  • Broken Hill Cobalt Project and (in future) other Cobalt Blue owned cobalt projects
  • Cobalt in Waste Streams Projects, rather than build individual chemical refineries at mine sites dispersed through Australia.
  • New Australian mining projects (typically nickel/cobalt producers) that wish to enter the battery production chain. The Cobalt-Nickel Refinery will become a gateway for battery grade Australian cobalt chemicals into global production chains.

Globally sourced materials will likely qualify for significant United States and other government financial incentives if processed via an approved country.

Staged Development of a Globally Significant Cobalt Refinery

Global battery-grade cobalt sulphate capacity, 2027 (Kt Co)

A cobalt refinery of this scale is globally significant.

In addition to cobalt, we are planning on processing nickel in the refinery. This would be sold as nickel sulphate crystals.

Cobalt Blue aims to become the largest producer of battery-grade cobalt outside of China.

Source: Benchmark Minerals