About Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue is set to become one of the world’s largest ethical suppliers of cobalt, a battery-ready product, for use in utility-scale renewable energy storage, for thousands of home energy storage systems, and millions of electric vehicles.

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Ethical and Essential

As the world transitions to sustainable energy and a decarbonised future, the switch to EVs is creating massive demand for batteries and for cobalt, a critical mineral that is essential to battery chemistry.

When in full production, the Broken Hill Cobalt Project will be on a scale equivalent to a top 10 global cobalt mine, and top 5 outside of Africa. From Broken Hill we will produce enough ethical cobalt to power some 5 million EVs, which will contribute towards reducing transport-generated CO2 emissions and play an essential role in powering a sustainable world.

Broken Hill Cobalt Project

This project is unique, globally, for very important reasons. We have an enormous deposit of cobalt in pyrite at Broken Hill, which is extremely rare, anywhere in the world. What’s more, Cobalt Blue has created the world’s first process that can extract the cobalt to be able to create a commercial, battery-ready product on site.

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Ethical resources

Our global future depends on electrifying the economy using renewable generation and storage technologies. That’s about changing the way the world generates energy. To do that, we need batteries. An essential element in battery chemistry is cobalt. However, a significant portion of cobalt used in battery production currently is sourced under unethical and unsustainable conditions. At Cobalt Blue, we’re committed turning this situation around.

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“Cobalt Blue’s current partners represent the top tier of the world’s EV battery, home storage system battery and utility-scale battery manufacturers. To have that level of commercial relationships in place at this stage is the measure of the project’s potential. These relationships, in conjunction with our technical progress, place COB in a strong position to negotiate partnership assistance.”
- Joe Kaderavek – CEO, Cobalt Blue

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