About Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue is a mining and mineral processing company focussed on the development of a Cobalt-Nickel Refinery in Western Australia, the Broken Hill Cobalt Project in New South Wales, and Cobalt in Waste Streams projects with a view to global opportunities contained in mine waste.

We are at the forefront of mineral processing innovation, with a vision to apply that innovation to non-traditional opportunities.

Our goal is ethically sourced battery metals for a sustainable world.

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Ethical and Essential

As the world transitions to sustainable energy and a decarbonised future, the switch to Electric Vehicles (EVs) is creating massive demand for battery metals - including cobalt, which is a critical mineral, essential to battery chemistry.

Cobalt Blue has a mine to battery market strategy being built on a Cobalt-Nickel Refinery (Western Australia), Cobalt in Waste Streams Projects (global opportunity) and the Broken Hill Cobalt Project (New South Wales).

This video provides information on the Broken Hill Cobalt Project. When in full production, this Project aim to be on a scale equivalent to a top 10 global cobalt mine, and top 5 outside of Africa.

From Broken Hill we envision producing enough ethically sourced cobalt to power millions of EVs. This will contribute towards reducing transport-generated CO2 emissions and play an essential role in powering a sustainable world.

Why Cobalt?

Our global future depends on electrifying the economy using renewable generation and storage technologies. That’s about changing the way the world generates energy. To do that, we need batteries. An essential element in battery chemistry is cobalt. However, a significant portion of cobalt used in battery production currently is sourced under unethical and unsustainable conditions. At Cobalt Blue, we’re committed turning this situation around.

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For Investors

Cobalt Blue’s ‘mine to battery markets’ strategy aims to provide a reliable supply of responsibly sourced battery metals (including cobalt) to meet growing global demand for batteries as the world transitions towards Electric Vehicles (EVs).

The Broken Hill Cobalt Project, intends to become one of the largest cobalt operations in the world and a major producer of cobalt outside of Africa.

With our Cobalt in Waste Streams Projects we are focussed on a global opportunity to apply our own patented technology to re-process pyrite and other sulphides in mine waste to extract contained metals, such as cobalt.

The Cobalt-Nickel Refinery in Western Australia aims to be at a scale that is globally significant and important in our development as a mid-stream supplier of high-demand metals essential to battery chemistry.

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