The Broken Hill Community

Community first

From the outset, the Broken Hill people have welcomed the Broken Hill Cobalt Project and shown solid support for the lifeline it provides to the future.

Not only will the Broken Hill Cobalt Project be large, but it will also be a long-life operation. We expect a project life of more than 20 years. That’s a generation of employment, for somewhere in the region of 400 workers. All of these, we aim to employ locally and avoid Fly-(n-Fly-Out (FIFO) workers wherever possible.

What’s more, those we can’t recruit from within the community, we want to recruit into the community. This means bringing entire families to Broken Hill – which means new housing, new opportunities for skills and training, and new demand for business, services and amenities.

Community news

St Patricks Races 2023

Our promotional and hospitality marquee, at Broken Hill’s annual St Patricks Race Day event, allows us to show-case the progress we are making at the Broken Hill Cobalt Project.

Christmas arrives in Broken Hill, December 2022

Broken Hill Cobalt Project staff and families caught the Christmas spirit this year, participating in the annual Christmas Pageant on Saturday, 3rd December 2022. The Christmas Pageant and associated festivities are highlights of the Broken Hill community calendar, with the event bringing people of all ages into the historic CBD to welcome Christmas and Santa Claus to town.

2022 ‘Town Hall’ for Local Community Leaders

Local community members received an update on progress made this year and the plans for 2023 at a ‘Town Hall’ and networking forum, held 29th November at the Broken Hill Musicians Club.

Foundation Broken Hill Visits the Demonstration Plant

The Broken Hill Cobalt Project has engaged in a very positive, ongoing relationship with Foundation Broken Hill over recent years, with a common view to maximise community benefit arising from the Project. In October 2022, several Foundation Broken Hill representatives were taken on a tour of the Demonstration Plant at Pyrite Hill to experience first-hand the progress being achieved on-site.

Roy Butler MP Visits Pyrite Hill, October 2022

Roy Butler is the Member for Barwon, a vast north-west rural electorate of 356,292 square kilometres and the state's largest, covering 44.5% of New South Wales. In October 2022, he returned for a visit to the Broken Hill Cobalt Project Demonstration Plant, this time touring Pyrite Hill with our Demonstration Plant Manager, Adam Randall.

Broken Hill Cobalt Project Commercial Vehicle is Best In Show

The Broken Hill Cobalt Project branded vehicles went from being well-recognised around the streets of Broken Hill to show-stoppers at the Silver City Show.

Showing High School Students the Way to Future Jobs in Mining

With full operational employment at the Broken Hill Cobalt Project forecast at 400 jobs over 20+ years, the future is opening up boundless opportunities for local students.

Strengthening the Broken Hill Cobalt Project Leadership Team

As part of Cobalt Blue’s ongoing commitment to the local workforce, we engaged Dattner Group to assist in strengthening the leadership team, who are the people behind our momentum at the Broken Hill Cobalt Project Demonstration Plant.

Sowing the seeds in community: Cobalt Blue supports disability services in Broken Hill

Our Broken Hill Cobalt Project team have proudly donated the resources to build a new residential garden bed in association with Westhaven, a local agency that provides important disability services and support for people in need in Broken Hill.

Lights, camera, action! Broken Hill Cobalt Project goes to the movies

The Broken Hill Cobalt Project is proud to have continued sponsoring the AGL Perfect Light Film Festival (PLFF) in 2022. This event was held over 3 days from 8th – 10th April, with the local community treated to a feature film night, short film event, and workshops involving experts from the Australian film industry

Broken Hill Cobalt Project Awarded $15m Critical Minerals Accelerator Initiative (CMAI) Grant

The Australian Government has awarded Cobalt Blue Holdings Limited (ASX:COB) $15m through the CMAI for the Broken Hill Cobalt Project (BHCP).

Roy Butler MP visits the Broken Hill Cobalt Project Demonstration Plant

Broken Hill Community Open Day, 7th April 2022

The Board and senior executive of Cobalt Blue Holdings Limited (COB) opened the gates of the Kanandah Road Demonstration Plant in Broken Hill to welcome the local community.

Open Day - Thursday 7 April 2022

The Board of Cobalt Blue Holdings Ltd (ASX:COB) invites you to attend an Open Day of the Broken Hill Cobalt Project – Demonstration Metallurgical Processing Plant.

COB commences underground development to support Demonstration Plant

Successful site establishment and first blast completed at Pyrite Hill. Demonstration Plant construction and commissioning underway.

St Pat's Races 2022

Attending St Patricks Race Day in Broken Hill each year we see increasing awareness, interest and support shown by locals and visitors to the Broken Hill Cobalt Project marquee. Thank you Broken Hill – our largest postcode of shareholders by a country mile!.

Joel Crane joins Cobalt Blue team as Investor Relations / Commercial Manager

ABC Radio Interview: Cobalt Blue Holdings CEO discusses meeting with Korean President

Joe Kaderavek (CEO, COB) examines cobalt, critical minerals, and supply chains to Korea in this interview with Andrew Schmidt on ABC Radio in Broken Hill.

Media Release: Cobalt Blue Attends Landmark Meeting with Korean President to Discuss Ethical Supply of Cobalt

Cobalt Blue Holdings Limited (ASX:COB) participated in a critical minerals supply chain discussion with Korean President Moon Jae In and other senior Korean government officials, with a view to supplying ethical cobalt to Korea from its Broken Hill Cobalt Project.

BHCP continues to support mental health in the workplace

This #TradeMutt shirt, worn by Jonas at our Pilot Plant, promotes a high vis approach for mental health at the Broken Hill Cobalt Project .

Pilot Plant successfully produces cobalt sulphate samples

Broken Hill Cobalt Project (BHCP) Pilot Plant cobalt sulphate initial production completed. Cobalt sulphate partners to receive first samples in early November.

COB & BHCP National SafeWork Month - Week #4

This week the COB group discussed what it means to Be Safe, inside and out.

Cobalt Blue participation in Cathode Precursor Production Pilot Plant

BHCP cobalt sulphate will be used in the upcoming A$18m FBI-CRC cathode precursor pilot plant in 2022.

COB & BHCP National SafeWork Month - Week #3

This week for National Safe Work Month, the COB Group discussed the theme - Clean Air. Clear Lungs.

COB & BHCP National SafeWork Month - Week #2

This week COB/BHCP started the conversation about Mental Health as part of National Safe Work Month. We discussed Mental Health stigma, and how it can be one of the greatest barriers to people seeking help.

COB Expands Broken Hill Tenure

Cobalt Blue Holdings Limited (ASX: COB) is pleased to announce the grant of Exploration Licence (‘EL’) 9254 has increased the Company’s Broken Hill footprint by some 35%.

COB & BHCP National SafeWork Month - October 2021

The focus for this week of SafeWork month is ‘Think Safe’ - how ‘we’ as individuals and a company will ensure safety in the workplace. We start with setting ourselves up for the job, and working together to manage the risks in our workplace.

BHCP Resource Update

Premium cobalt samples finalised

Premium Mixed Hydroxide Product (MHP) {typically 35–41% cobalt and 3–10% nickel content} produced

Pilot Plant – Open Days

COB Expands Broken Hill Footprint

Working together for a residential workforce

Pilot Plant - Open Days


Our commitment

Broken Hill is Australia’s longest-lived mining city and home to one of its most resilient mining communities.

Our vision

To build enduring relationships with the Broken Hill community, characterised by mutual commitment, openness, and shared respect.

Our objectives

To maintain a flow of communication that INFORMS the Broken Hill community about the mining of Cobalt and its value for the future.

To CONSULT in order to better understand what is important to the community.

To INVOLVE stakeholders in identifying issues and opportunities facing the community.

To COLLABORATE on projects that enhance the economic prosperity and social wellbeing of the community.

To EMPOWER the community through contributing towards employment, education, wellbeing, social vibrancy and economic diversification.

Our commitment

The Broken Hill Cobalt Project will be based on sustainable principles and best practice management for water, waste, and biodiversity.

We will work with the Broken Hill community and other stakeholders.

Our priority will be to employ locals and purchase locally wherever we can. We will invest wherever possible in developing local skills and training.

We aim to be here for the long haul – providing jobs and economic prosperity for the Broken Hill region, aligned to a green and sustainable future.

That’s why we’ve called this the Broken Hill Cobalt Project.

Broken Hill has a proud history of mining and innovation. Let’s work together to make history all over again.

Let’s take Broken Hill Cobalt to the World.

Thanks Broken Hill

Broken Hill’s 2880 postcode has by far the largest number of COB:ASX shareholders. We say a massive thankyou to Broken Hill for such a huge show of support.

Book a tour of the Demonstration Plant

Located in Broken Hill, we are able to host tour groups for site visits to our innovative processing plant. To find out more, contact us.

How to become a supplier

We are proud to be supported by a network of suppliers and service providers who know the mining, building and industrial game locally and are assisting us in meeting our demanding timelines.

Careers at Cobalt Blue

Wherever possible, we will be looking local to attract, develop and retain a local workforce.