The Broken Hill Community

Community first

From the outset, the Broken Hill people have welcomed the Broken Hill Cobalt Project and shown solid support for the lifeline it provides to the future.

Not only will the Broken Hill Cobalt Project be large, but it will also be a long-life operation. We expect a project life of more than 20 years. That’s a generation of employment, for somewhere in the region of 400 workers. All of these, we aim to employ locally and avoid Fly-(n-Fly-Out (FIFO) workers wherever possible.

What’s more, those we can’t recruit from within the community, we want to recruit into the community. This means bringing entire families to Broken Hill – which means new housing, new opportunities for skills and training, and new demand for business, services and amenities.

Community news

COB & BHCP National SafeWork Month - Week #3

This week for National Safe Work Month, the COB Group discussed the theme - Clean Air. Clear Lungs.

COB & BHCP National SafeWork Month - Week #2

This week COB/BHCP started the conversation about Mental Health as part of National Safe Work Month. We discussed Mental Health stigma, and how it can be one of the greatest barriers to people seeking help.

COB & BHCP National SafeWork Month - October 2021

The focus for this week of SafeWork month is ‘Think Safe’ - how ‘we’ as individuals and a company will ensure safety in the workplace. We start with setting ourselves up for the job, and working together to manage the risks in our workplace.

Working together for a residential workforce


Our commitment

Broken Hill is Australia’s longest-lived mining city and home to one of its most resilient mining communities.

Our vision

To build enduring relationships with the Broken Hill community, characterised by mutual commitment, openness, and shared respect.

Our objectives

To maintain a flow of communication that INFORMS the Broken Hill community about the mining of Cobalt and its value for the future.

To CONSULT in order to better understand what is important to the community.

To INVOLVE stakeholders in identifying issues and opportunities facing the community.

To COLLABORATE on projects that enhance the economic prosperity and social wellbeing of the community.

To EMPOWER the community through contributing towards employment, education, wellbeing, social vibrancy and economic diversification.

Our commitment

The Broken Hill Cobalt Project will be based on sustainable principles and best practice management for water, waste, and biodiversity.

We will work with the Broken Hill community and other stakeholders.

Our priority will be to employ locals and purchase locally wherever we can. We will invest wherever possible in developing local skills and training.

We aim to be here for the long haul – providing jobs and economic prosperity for the Broken Hill region, aligned to a green and sustainable future.

That’s why we’ve called this the Broken Hill Cobalt Project.

Broken Hill has a proud history of mining and innovation. Let’s work together to make history all over again.

Let’s take Broken Hill Cobalt to the World.

Supporting Community

Perfect Light Film Festival

Cobalt Blue has been a long-time supporter of this event, which encourages story-telling and celebrates the magic of the movies.

Broken Hill residents love the cinema and are quite accustomed to seeing their hometown (and people they know!) on the silver screen.

We support this event for offering school and community film-making workshops and for showcasing short films in a free-to-attend event. In addition, there are always locally made movies in the festival line-up.

Festival website

Thanks Broken Hill

With 200+ ASX:COB shareholders from the Broken Hill 2880 postcode, we say a massive thank you to Broken Hill for such a huge show of support.

Book a tour of the Demonstration Plant

Located in Broken Hill, we are able to host tour groups for site visits to our innovative processing plant. To find out more, contact us.

How to become a supplier

We are proud to be supported by a network of suppliers and service providers who know the mining, building and industrial game locally and are assisting us in meeting our demanding timelines.

Careers at Cobalt Blue

Wherever possible, we will be looking local to attract, develop and retain a local workforce.