COB & BHCP National SafeWork Month - Week #3

This week for National Safe Work Month, the COB Group discussed the theme - Clean Air. Clear Lungs.

Drawing on the latest Safe Work Australia data about serious claims by the nature of injury/ disease and mechanism and the Occupation lung disease in Australia 2006 – 2019 report, we discussed the occupational hazards in our workplace and how we control them.

Together with this, we released the next safety poster in this month’s campaign - Done safe or Don’t do it. An excellent quote from one of our Broken Hill Operators, Done safe or don’t do it, not only refers to our safety/risk management system Donesafe, but reinforces the need to ensure the job/ task risks can be controlled and managed reducing risk to as low as reasonably practicable.

Last but not least, a trivia game of Kahoot. It was an excellent way of reinforcing key safety messages, different controls around site, and even asked what safety is in different languages. The top 3 winners received a prize for not only answering correctly but also the quickest.

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Occupational lung diseases in Australia 2006-2019, Safe Work Australia

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