Cobalt Blue Board Re-Visit Broken Hill, May 2023

In May 2023, the Cobalt Blue Board of Directors made their regular visit to Broken Hill to view the progress being made on-site at the Broken Hill Cobalt Project. Each year, while in Broken Hill, the Board meets with industry and community leaders in conjunction with the Community Open Day, which was held on 25th May this year

“Every time the Board visit Broken Hill they are greeted warmly at meetings and events within the community…there is a clear sense that Broken Hill is working together, as it always has done, to face its challenges and make the most of every opportunity” said Andrea Roberts, Communications and Engagement Manager. “Every time, the Board leave with a strong sense of the capability of Broken Hill to work together and make things happen”.

Meeting with Broken Hill City Council

The COB Board of Directors and CEO met with Broken Hill City Council Mayor (Tom Kennedy) and CEO (Jay Nankivell) to discuss the progress being made for the liveability of Broken Hill – which is the first National Heritage Listed City in Australia. Areas of primary interest and discussion included:

  • Housing: for essential workers and a population that is forecast to grow after many years in decline.
  • Broken Hill Airport: planning for improved infrastructure and increased services.

Presentation to the Cobalt Blue Board by Foundation Broken Hill

Foundation Broken Hill facilitates employment opportunities and encourages social development in Broken Hill and the surrounding region. Their Chair (John Lynch) and Executive Officer (Travis Nadge) presented the Foundation Broken Hill housing plan to the COB Board. Their approach aims to be part of the housing solution for Broken Hill, through supply of new homes within existing residential areas.

Meet and Greet with Community Leaders

    Approximately 100 members of the community - including suppliers, educators, trainers, civic leaders, and industry organisations - were invited attend an informal meet-and-greet with Board Directors and senior members of our operations, technical and administrative teams. The ‘Function at the Junction’ provides a casual opportunity for conversation about Broken Hill and the Broken Hill Cobalt Project.

    Community Open Day

    The Board and senior executive of COB opened the gates of the Kanandah Road Demonstration Plant in Broken Hill again this year to welcome the local community on-site. Interested locals were able to view our progress and understand more about the Broken Hill Cobalt Project direct from members of our team. Click here to read the full story.

    Broken Hill ABC interview

    Rob Biancardi (Chairman) and Joe Kaderavek (CEO) provided an update on the Broken Hill Cobalt Project during a live interview with Broken Hill ABC’s host Andrew Schmidt.