Flin Flon Tailings Test Work: Positive Results

Cobalt Blue Holdings Limited (COB) and Hudbay Minerals Inc. previously announced a test work co-operation agreement examining the use of COB technology to treat Hudbay’s Flin Flon tailings. COB is pleased to announce we have completed preliminary test work with positive results warranting further evaluation in the next stage.

A 50 kg sample of tailings from Flin Flon was received in August 2023 and subsequent laboratory scale ‘proof-of-concept’ testwork was undertaken, including flotation, thermal decomposition of pyrite, and leaching of kiln calcine.

The overall results successfully achieved greater than 90% conversion of the pyrite into pyrrhotite and elemental sulphur.

These results will be used to design an overall flowsheet for the treatment of the tailings as part of the final test work. If the final test work results meet expectations, then further discussions concerning the next stages of technical cooperation will be held.

Future collaboration may include larger-scale test work in parallel with potential commercial negotiations.

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Helen Degeling
Project Acquisition Manager

Joel Crane
Investor Relations / Commercial Manager


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