Cobalt Blue Demonstration Plant shows offtake partners it has the right stuff

This article featured the Broken Hill Cobalt Project and its contribution to the ‘Energy Transition’, stating that Cobalt Blue has emerged on the radar of key end users looking to secure responsibly sourced cobalt supply.

The article discusses the Demonstration Plant, which is designed to generate significant quantities of product for market testing. The Demonstration Plant will also optimise future commercial-scale operation. This is important to allow Cobalt Blue to test market larger scale samples (up to 100kg) in which the partner is examining purity and repeatability of production results. These larger samples are required for acceptance testing and production of laboratory-scale batteries.

According to Cobalt Blue Investor Relations Manager, Joel Crane, the Demonstration Plant is integral to the overall operation at the Broken Hill Cobalt Project:

“The reason we are running this schedule is to test the plant’s operational performance ahead of building the full-scale plant from next year”

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