Broken Hill Cobalt Project (BHCP) Update 2020

Project update 2020

  • Increased Ore Reserve
  • Longer Operating Life
  • Capital Costs
  • Operating Costs

The Project Update 2020 Study has delivered significant project enhancements since the PFS 2018.

Study Highlights are:

  • Ore Reserve (Probable) increased 55% to 71.8 Mt at 710 ppm cobalt (from 46.3 Mt at 819 ppm cobalt).
  • Ore Reserve contained cobalt increased from 38,000 tonnes to 51,000 tonnes (34% increase).
  • Pre-Production capital expenditure lowered by ~A$70m, inclusive of an increase in front-end mining and concentrate throughput capacity from 5.25 Mtpa to 6.3 Mtpa (+20%).
  • Capital intensity (US$ capital/cobalt production) typically 25–30% of required capital for comparable cobalt greenfield projects.
  • Replacement of standalone process plant Tailings Storage Facility, with Integrated Waste Landform for co-disposal of mine waste rock and process plant tailings, resulting in lower environmental footprint.
  • The Broken Hill Cobalt Project is 100% owned by Cobalt Blue Holdings. The project will continue to advance towards a Feasibility Study.

BHCP – largest undeveloped cobalt producer in the world (ex-Africa) – targeting ethical, high grade, battery ready cobalt sulphate.


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