Sowing the seeds in community: Cobalt Blue supports disability services in Broken Hill

Our Broken Hill Cobalt Project team have proudly donated the resources to build a new residential garden bed in association with Westhaven, a local agency that provides important disability services and support for people in need in Broken Hill.

Earlier this year we were approached to contribute to Westhaven’s Biggest Morning Tea (held 19th May, 2022) in Broken Hill.

Westhaven have a great track record for the role they play to improve the lives of disabled people in the community. Their Vision is to provide ways for adults and children, with a wide range of disabilities, to live life the way they choose.

Above: Westhaven’s Biggest Morning Tea raffle winner, the Broken Hill Cobalt Project Labour Service Team, and the new veggie patch.

When they approached our Demonstration Plant Manager, Adam Randall, with a request for sponsorship of their Biggest Morning Tea he had a better idea. Not only to provide a Cobalt Blue merchandise pack for the raffle, but also to donate a bespoke Broken Hill Cobalt Project Labour Service as a prize. In other words, members of our own local work crew would be raffled to help someone in need with a job they needed doing.

The winner of the merchandise pack was very happy, however, the winner of the Labour Service was over-joyed when members of our team rolled up with a ute, tools, hardware and equipment to build her dream vegetable garden in her yard. Her original idea of a 44 gallon drum cut in half and filled with soil to grow vegetables was out-done by our handy crew, who built a raised garden bed with wooden sleepers that would be safer, more aesthetic, and fit-for-purpose.

We are proud to have a workforce at the Broken Hill Cobalt Project who go above-and-beyond and eagerly put their hands up to support projects like this. The warm smile and hand-made card we received was more than enough for us to know that we had made a difference in the life of at least one resident in our community.