Strengthening the Broken Hill Cobalt Project Leadership Team

As part of Cobalt Blue’s ongoing commitment to the local workforce, we engaged Dattner Group to assist in strengthening the leadership team, who are the people behind our momentum at the Broken Hill Cobalt Project Demonstration Plant.

Dattner Group are renowned for helping leaders and organisations navigate diverging paths. They provide the tools and expertise to steer teams into the future and are committed to achieving this while ensuring legacy and stewardship for teams, communities, and the planet.

In July 2022, the Director of Coaching at Dattner Group (Michelle Crouch) travelled to Broken Hill to work with our Leadership Team on an individual and group basis. Together they gained insight into their strengths and identified opportunities to grow as leaders.

At the Broken Hill Cobalt Project we know that our people matter most to our success.

While we support their ongoing development, we applaud their continued commitment and dedication to achieving progress every day.