Webinar: Cobalt in Waste Streams feature on GeoHug

Dr Helen Degeling explains how Cobalt Blue is leading the way with innovation, technology, and expertise to extract battery metals from mine waste… and why this is good for mining companies, communities, the global battery supply chain, and the planet.

GeoHUG is a weekly webinar series with global reach and a technical focus - sharing information, ideas, and knowledge with the wider geoscience community.

In this GeoHug ‘Sundowner Webinar Session’, Dr Helen Degeling (Project Acquisition Manager at Cobalt Blue) covers a lot of ground regarding the reclamation of mine waste contained in tailings and how Cobalt Blue’s processing technology is at the forefront of mineral processing innovation in this field.

Helen explains that in traditional mining value chains, mine waste is considered a liability. However, employing circular economy principles redefines the liability into an asset which can be recycled, repurposed, or reprocessed.

Helen is a PhD qualified geologist with over 18 years' experience in industry, academia and government, and a leader in the field of mining as a circular economy. She leads Cobalt Blue’s Cobalt In Waste Streams Projects with a vision to applying our patented technology to non-traditional opportunities and finding value in waste.

Watch the video here for further information.