Cobalt Blue Holdings Limited Quarterly Report (June 2022)

The Cobalt Blue Quarterly Report for June 2022 has been published

Highlights include:

  • Demonstration Plant Update: Commissioning of the Demonstration Plant is near completion
    • The underground portal was established in April 2022 and COB has completed mining 2,300 t of ore
    • All major components for the refining plant, including a new large-scale kiln and sulphur recovery equipment, are now onsite in Broken Hill
    • Transitioning to operations for remainder of plant aiming to produce Mixed Hydroxide Precipitate (MHP) and cobalt sulphate
  • Leading engineering groups Worley, GHD and SRK have been selected to help undertake the Feasibility Study
  • Extensive environmental surveys have been undertaken for the Environmental Impact Statement
  • COB was awarded a $15m grant through the Critical Minerals Accelerator Initiative



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