The Broken Hill Cobalt Project represents a strong, ethical investment opportunity, with Cobalt Blue looking at horizons beyond Broken Hill. We own the intellectual property for the Broken Hill Cobalt Project process, which is scalable and saleable, so we're already looking at a roll-out Australia-wide and beyond.

What's more, Cobalt Blue is fortunate to be a Future Battery Industries Research Program member. This is a cooperative venture between several leading Australian mining and processing companies and global battery manufacturers. The collective aim is to create a battery precursor – a building block of the battery here in Australia. This takes our involvement in battery production beyond the mining and provision of raw material – it will make Cobalt Blue and its partners an integral player in the battery manufacturing chain.

Cobalt Blue's current partners are among the top tier of the world's battery manufacturers. Having these commercial relationships in place at this stage in the Project demonstrates the Project's potential. In conjunction with our technical progress, these relationships place COB in a solid position to negotiate partnership assistance.

ASX Announcements

BHCP Resource Update

Premium cobalt samples finalised

Premium Mixed Hydroxide Product (MHP) {typically 35–41% cobalt and 3–10% nickel content} produced

Top 20 security holders

Cobalt Blue Holdings Limited (ASX: COB) (Company) is pleased to provide the following listing of the 20 largest holders of ordinary shares of the Company.

Application for quotation of securities - COB

Cleansing Notice

Notification regarding unquoted securities - COB

Results of General Meeting

Change to General Meeting Procedures

June 2021 Quarterly Activities Report

Transition to Demonstration Plant

Broken Hill Cobalt Project (BHCP) – sample program underway (concludes early Q3). Transition of activities to Demonstration Plant beginning.

Appendix 3Y - Joe Kaderavek

Notice of General Meeting & Proxy Form

Notification regarding unquoted securities - COB

Proposed issue of securities - COB

Investor Presentation - June 2021

Trading Halt

Honeywell Cooperation Partnership

Honeywell brings global reach and solutions to COB’s technical needs. Data quality is essential to attract investment/commercial partners and the implementation of advanced data gathering, and analysis systems will assist the BHCP in this partnering process.

Pilot Plant – Open Days

COB Expands Broken Hill Footprint

Progress Report

COB announces the successful installation and commissioning of its Broken Hill based Pilot Plant. Production of concentrate has been operating at nameplate 2 – 3 tonnes per day since the start of May.

Strategic Financial Advisor Appointed

The appointment of Cutfield Freeman and the commencement of this Strategic Financial Advisory mandate represents another major step forward in the development of COB’s Broken Hill Cobalt Project (BHCP).

Cobalt in Waste Streams Project

Cobalt Blue Holdings Limited (ASX:COB) is delighted to announce its Cobalt in Waste Streams Project, a rollout of its existing technology and test facilities to examine cobalt recovery from waste streams.

Pilot Trial - Commissioning underway

Appendix 2A - issue of shares

Pilot Trial – Calcine testwork underway

Pilot Trial scale treatment of pyrite concentrate commenced. Calcine product to be processed for cobalt recovery in COB’s Pilot Plant at Broken Hill.

BHCP Tenement Expansion

Change of Company Secretary

Top 20 Shareholders

January 2021

Appendix 2A - issue of shares

January 2021

Quarterly Activities & Cash Flow Reports

January 2021

ARR – Investment in Cobalt Blue Holdings Limited

Chairman's Letter to Shareholders

Response to ASX Price Query

Pilot Plant – Progress Update

Major items of equipment have arrived at our Broken Hill plant site, with remaining items due in early January 2021.

CEO's letter to Shareholders

Pilot Plant Progress

Pilot Plant Update – 2nd Delivery of Major Equipment Received

Major items of equipment continue to arrive at our Broken Hill plant site. COB has taken delivery of a 2nd tranche of Pilot Plant equipment – including reactors, tanks, filters, pumps and spirals.

Broken Hill Cobalt Project (BHCP) Update 2020

BHCP testwork – High purity cobalt and sulphur products

COB produces 20.8% cobalt sulphate suitable for lithium ion battery market and 99% grade sulphur.

Mixed Hydroxide Product (MHP) testwork delivers premium product.

Significant testwork outcome – strong hydroxide results ~37% cobalt and ~7% nickel content with low impurities = a premium product.

Pilot Plant Update

OB has committed to build a metallurgical testing centre in Broken Hill. This will include a Demonstration Plant for testing COB minerals processing technology to produce cobalt sulphate from pyrite samples sourced from the Broken Hill Cobalt Project.

Concentrate Circuit (Pilot Trial) program successfully completed

Completed previously announced pilot-scale production of concentrate from 45 t (wet basis) of ore.

Significant Thackaringa Resource Upgrade

Pilot Plant Update – Critical Equipment Received

COB has taken delivery of critical Pilot Plant equipment – including both leaching circuit and specialist filter equipment. The equipment has arrived in the Port of Adelaide ready for transport and site installation at Broken Hill.

Testwork Update

Positive Large Scale Testwork Results

Thackaringa Pre-Feasibility Study Announcement



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