SITE VISIT: Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Update – GHD Social Sustainability Team visit Broken

During July 2022, GHD representatives visited Broken Hill to progress aspects of the EIS for the Broken Hill Cobalt Project (BHCP)

Cobalt Blue Approvals Manager (Bruce Blunden) and Communications and Engagement Manager (Andrea Roberts) assisted the GHD Social Sustainability Team with an initial orientation of Broken Hill and the BHCP site.

During their visit, the GHD team interviewed a diverse range of community stakeholders to determine their opinion on the social implications of the BHCP. Information gathered in the interviews will be used to develop a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) for inclusion in the EIS.

Other GHD staff also visited to progress the authoring and co-ordination of technical studies for the EIS. While in Broken Hill they inspected the BHCP site and discussed many attributes of the project with on-site staff.