CRUX INVESTOR VIDEO: How to pick the right battery metals and EV investments

Cobalt Blue CEO, Joe Kaderavek, recently participated in a panel with CEOs from Kingsrose Mining and Azure Minerals, discussing what it takes for battery metals and EV-focused mining companies to win in this space.

Watch the video as the experts on the panel discuss a range of topics, providing insight into market conditions, battery metals, and more.

0:00 - Panel Overview

1:51 - Perspective on the Current Market Conditions

5:19 - Azure Minerals’ Reason for Offloading Mexican Assets

7:06 - Panel’s Message and Advice to the Investors

11:34 - Optimism in the Battery Metal Space

14:13 - Reason for Shifting to Europe

19:06 - Perks of Operating in Australia

22:11 - Effects of ESG in Doing Projects Today’s Times compared before

23:30 - Support from the Government/s

23:57 - Overview of Working and Relationship with the Government/s

25:54 - Expected Green Shoots in the Near-Future

27:43 - Driving the Narrative to Get Investors on Board and Retain Shareholders

33:12 - Overview of Raising Capital in 2022

34:28 - Kingsrose’s Pitch to the Investors

36:47 - Cobalt Blue Holdings’ Pitch to the Investors

38:43 - Azure Minerals’ Pitch to the Investors

40:23 - Outro